We've been told how much the L train shutdown is going to suck for the past 5 years. 

And it's no secret how much New Yorkers hate the city's transit system. Now, It's as if the MTA is trying to push our buttons even more. Alternatives have been proposed, complaints have been made, and by now we were kinda convinced this whole L train shutdown thing was a hoax. 

The shutdown will end service between Brooklyn’s Bedford Ave. and Manhattan’s Eighth Ave, a line of service essential to commuters trying to get between the two boroughs. 

According to Curbed NY though, construction will be shortened. At least they cut the shutdown from 18 to 15 months. Great.

MTA officials, we pretty much put the fate of our work commutes in your hands every day. And we're paying a premium for it too. We totally don't deserve this. 

But we'll stop whining for a sec. 

The shutdown was supposed to start in 2017, then January of 2019, and now April 2019. Don't freak out yet, though. Knowing the MTA, it's probz gonna get pushed back yet again. 


We're predicting that the MTA will take the easy way out by adding more cars to the G line while increasing bus service. Now we'll be packed sardines in a bus suffering through traffic, instead of being packed sardines on the L. Cool. 

Next week, the board will vote on which company they're going to contract to get the job done, with a $15 million dollar incentive to get the work done faster. 


Despite all of the crap we've talked about you, though, MTA, we're secretly praying you'll get your sh*t together and pull through for us. The commutes of more than 225,000 riders depend on it. Pls & thank u. 

[Feature Image Courtesy ltraincoalition] [via Curbed NY]