There's This Floating, Inflatable East River Tunnel Proposal for the L-Pocalypse | spoiled NYC

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The L train is doomed. There is no other softer way of saying that and we, as New Yorkers, must take that information head-on.

We've talked about for months how the L is taking an L and leaving us for years. But, this is New York City, where creative solutions are always welcomed and sometimes, most of the time, are ridiculed.

This past Sunday, at the Van Alen Institute, a competition unlike you have ever seen took place and it was a blood-bath of insane ideas on transportation alternatives for people who will be affected by the L trains closure.

One of the most fun ideas was a giant inflatable tube that would allow people to walk to Manhattan. The project, which lost the competition, is called The L Transporter. 

Commuters affected by the L-Pocalpyse will be able to walk under the East River while serene lights dazzling all around in the tunnel to distract you from the fact that you are walking in a giant inflatable tube in the East River.

The winning idea is lifted from Italy. Youngjin Yi and Dillon Pranger propose a water-bus called "vaporetto" in Venice. You know, the city where water is literally everywhere. Along with the water buses, the duo also wishes to use a commuter train on the LIRR's freight tracks.


via Gothamist

With the L closing, and so many people losing their minds over it. It's not surprise that this competition took place. Remember the plans for a East River Skyway? Doesn't sound so crazy now, right?

NYC will find a way. We always have and always will. Commuting is a huge part of the overall experience here and it is very refreshing to see so many outrageous ideas rather than no ideas at all.

Good luck, L train commuters. We know there will be a light at the end of this tunnel. Or so we hope... right? 

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