Sardines have nothing on L train riders. And just when we thought things couldn't get worse, they have.

We've won 18 months of no service between Brooklyn's Bedford Ave. and Manhattan's Eighth Ave. And here's the kicker: The MTA has yet to announce their plan to help out more than 225,000 people who rely on the train to get across the East River, as The New York Times noted.

Prepare for some serious uproar.

So while you're bracing yourself for eighteen months of agony, remember the words of Bill Nye. "Consider the following."

This is the lesser of two evils. Way back in January, it looked like the closure would last for up to three years.

Even worse, in this evil alternate universe, the construction would have begun in 2017.

The MTA's thrown out some options, like an East River skyway and Delancey Street's Lowline, but they won't announce the deets until August.


There's also some talk of adding more cars to the G line, and if worse comes to worst, we'll just be using the J, M, and Z trains.

Obviously there'll be more bus service: the B39, M14A, and M14D buses will bump up services for the upcoming train closure.

Veronique Hakim, the president of New York City Transit, called it the "'Get in, get done, get out' option." Here's hoping that label extends to the L train alternatives. 

[via NY Times] [Feature Image Courtesy NY Observer]