Komnata's Newest Escape-the-Room Adventure Is Everything Noir You've Ever Needed

Yearning for the days of dime drinks, paperback pulp, pinstripe suits, and private detectives lurkin' the halls just looking for a good lead? 

You know, your throwback film noir movie mystery of the week—not unlike something out of Dick Tracy or Who Framed Roger Rabbit (sorry, not sorry)?

Komnata Quest is a world famous sensation blowing minds with immersive escape room adventures at 98 different locations in 27 different cities in the U.S., Europe, and Russia.

Okay, so we're not time travelers, and Hollywood honestly just doesn't make 'em like that anymore, but we've got an immersive adventure you're definitely gonna want to check out. 

Yup, hold onto your butts, New Yorkers. Komnata Quest NYC has an incredible new adventure you've got to check out. 

Their newest game, coming soon, is Bullets and Broken Hearts. 

What's the story? Well, you can find everything in this place: cheap drinks, excellent staff, gorgeous girlfriend for a night, a hitman so you can keep your hands out of the filth. You just need to know whom to ask. 

Sneak peek of their new large adventure for big team. It will be hot, wild and dangerous.

Too prude for this one? Try your luck in “Joker Café” and find yourselves up against the malicious villain Joker who's kidnapped a child leaving you their only hope for survival.

Komnata Quest is a world famous sensation blowing minds with immersive puzzle adventures at 98 different locations in 27 different cities in the U.S., Europe, and Russia with locations in NYC in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Long Island City, and downtown Manhattan. 

They're the largest network of escape rooms in NYC. Literally, they're no joke. 

Every room is a unique, unforgettable and challenging experience with a variety of themes that will satisfy anyone's taste.   

Into the gruesome? They gotchu. Lookin' to spice it up with a little erotica? Boom. They've got 7 Sinful Pleasures you might enjoy. 

Down for a real trip into the mystical? Check out the Maze of Hakaina.

Komnata Quest is basically every delicious pulpy adventure story you've ever wanted take for yourself—in every genre. Medieval, detective, and yeah, even something for those of you who like the rush of feeling trapped.

They've got the right theme for any occasion: date night, kickin' it with the fam, corporate team building that doesn't involve icebreaker games or ropes courses, or even just a kickass night out with friends. 

Oh, and all rooms are private, so you don't have to worry about a rando making up his own plot twist and deciding that he was dead the whole time (GO HOME, ROGER).

Step into the jaws of a mystical Maze where young samurais were once tested and only the fiercest survived.

Komnata Quest specializes in creating truly immersive and engaging settings, with a coherent, enticing storyline (think Westworld without the utterly predictable "twist") going through every detail and puzzle of the room. 

At Komnata it's not about simply finding codes for a bunch of padlocks. No, you find yourself inside the central mystery of an engaging story. You're the hero; the main character directly affecting the course of events. And it's up to you how your story ends. 

They don't like to toot their own horn, so we'll do it for them, nerds. Their escape rooms are highly recommended by professional escape room blogs and have received highest ratings from Escape Authority, escapeartist, and other blogs that know what they're talking about.

Komnata Quest is constantly working on new adventures and is just about ready to launch a new location with 2 brand new room, designed to fit large groups of up to 10 people.

Detective or horror, mystery or medieval, family-friendly or erotic, steampunk or noir, you name it - Komnata Quest has it all!

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and become the hero of your own story. It’s time to find out something new about yourself and your teammates. Book now at Komnata Quest with a special 10% discount code “

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