Ready to Go on an Insane NYC Adventure? Get Your Friends & Escape the Room― On Us!

Adventure is out there, New Yorkers! No, we're not talking about Pokemon Go. 

We're talking enrapturing puzzles that blow your mind, the ultimate tests of craftiness, wit, and problem solving. No, we're not talking about the MTA. That's unsolvable. Nobody's ever going to figure that out, least of all them. 

We're talking about Komnata Quest and their incredible WTF puzzling escape rooms: high-stakes robberies, castle dungeons, erotic mysteries, who-dunnits, reconnaissance missions requiring tact and stealth, murders most foul, lions and tigers and bears―oh my!

Komnata Quest is a world famous sensation blowing minds with immersive escape room adventures at 98 different locations in 27 different cities in the U.S., Europe, and Russia. 

Okay, so maybe not the lions and tigers and bears, but oh my! Komnata Quest is the new incredible way to have the most immersive adventures imaginable. 

Komnata Quest is a world famous sensation blowing minds with immersive puzzle adventures at 98 different locations in 27 different cities in the U.S., Europe, and Russia. 

Komnata Quest & spoiled NYC have teamed up to give you and your friends an experience unlike any other at their Greenpoint and Long Island City locations. 

Everything about the experience will change the way you consider what adventure even means, and no, it doesn't mean walking for hours in Central Park in the droves of smartphone zombies trying desperately to catch 'em all. 

You're not just solving puzzles. You uncover a real detective story in the game itself. Best of all, you're not doing it with a bunch of random strangers.

Like, have you ever tried something trying to be like this and you get lumped in with three weirdos you don't even know? Who wants that? What is this, a team-building, ice-breaking corporate retreat ropes course? Hell no. 

Every private escape-room adventure is filled with incredible high-tech puzzles and custom decorations that really bring the look and feel of adventure to life rather than some bogus, roughshod, handcrafted gizmo that looks like something that's supposed to be cool. These things are legit dope.  


And it's not like you're stuck in one place, either. In every adventure you have, you get to move from one room to the next one, so the mystery is ongoing, frame by frame, until the very end when you solve (or don't) it. 

And there's so much cool sh*t to do! Horror story like the mystery of Hotel 1408? Well, that's coming soon! Fairy-tale? Done and done. 

Kid... friendly? Why not?! If there's anything we're hellbent against it's growing up. It's an incredibly riveting, high-tech, immersive adventure for you and four of your friends.

Oh, right. Back to the point! We're giving 5 lucky winners the chance to choose their own adventure for free! Winners get to take up to 4 of their friends to try their hand at one of Komnata Quest's escape-room adventures designed for 3-5 people. DOPE!

So, stop doing nothing. Put down the Pokemon, give an emphatic "NO! I'm not still watching!" to your Netflix BFF's, and go on an adventure actually worth having.

Enter the giveaway right here and try your hand at one of Komnata Quest's immersive puzzles for free. 

Not a Wait & See Kinda Person? Book Your Own Experience at Komnata Quest Right Here & Get 10% Off Using the Promo Code "spoiled."

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