If you didn’t get a chance to visit the Kellogg’s popup-turned-restaurant in Times Square, you now have a second chance.

Kellogg’s relocated the popular store to a bigger, better location just outside Union Square. The giant space, which houses your favorite cereals and serves them with a unique new twist is set to open Thursday, December 14.

With the help of the team at Co.create NYC, the same duo who helmed the design of the first location, the store has been transformed into a nostalgic haven where you can lounge, feel at home and enjoy your childhood favorites.

But it’s not just the classics you remember—there’s so much more than just cereal. There are more than a few surprises when it comes to their offerings. 

Located at 31 East 17th Street between Broadway and Park Avenues, the new place may appear small from outside But travel a few flights up and you’re greeted by a massive space covered wall-to-wall in hand-painted Kellogg’s murals by Dave Frankel, curated oil-paintings by Steven Fragale and custom furniture.

“The two best places to hang out in your house are the living room and the kitchen,” says Sandra Di Capua, one half of the Co.create team, which is why the venue contains s clusters of small living areas as well as a Kellogg’s red-and-white kitchen counter (where the magic happens).

“As New Yorkers,” Di Capua says, “you’re forced to live your life out of your apartment,” so they created a space where you can sit, relax, use your computer and not worry about being kicked out.

One of the major changes in the new location is the way you interact with the product. In the Times Square version, everything was disposable so you could be in-and-out in a few minutes. But not here. In Union Square, the dishes are straight out of your mother’s kitchen, as well as silverware, glass and ceramic bowls, and even cloth napkins.

Here, they also encourage you to get as involved as possible in making your meal. Besides a choice of various cereals, they also offer a variety of bowls varying in color and size, and even have milk offerings beyond the usual, like strawberry and peanut butter-flavored versions made in-house.

And let’s not forget the toppings, which range from the typical sprinkles and chocolate chips to the luxurious, like in-house poached pears, rum-soaked banana slices, and pre-toasted marshmallows.

That’s not to say they won’t have their own signature dishes as well. Chef Mariana Villegas has combined classic cereals with out-of-the-box flavors to create some tasty concoctions you probably would never have thought of. And we can tell you from experience that some may seem a little out there, but one bite is all that’s needed to convince skeptics.

We tried three of their newest options and we were not disappointed. First up is #Kumquatlife, made with Chocolate Frosted Flakes, candied kumquats, toasted pepitas and a drizzle of cardamom yogurt, which TBH was a fruity, chocolatey delight. Even for those not sold on the idea of combining fruit and chocolate, this was addictive and we kept going back for more—even after two other bowls.

Second is Christmas Morning, which includes Frosted Mini-Wheats, poached pears, toasted marshmallows, cinnamon roll croutons—we know!—and crystalized ginger. It was a truly hearty feast of our breakfast favorites and felt like bread pudding because of how huge the elements were. The cinnamon roll croutons and cereal soaked up the milk until it all became a giant, perfect-for-winter bowl.

Third up is Bananas Foster, which marries Special K and Frosted Flakes with rum roasted bananas, candied cashews, and cajeta (a delectable goat milk caramel). The caramel and rum-soaked bananas feel a little naughty when served in a breakfast dish—but in the best possible way.

They also have custom hot beverages for those cold winter days, including Frosted Flakes Cafe Au Lait (a latte made with Frosted Flake-soaked milk—guaranteed to please even the fussiest non-coffee drinkers), Froot Loops White Hot Chocolate and Caramel Apple Jacks Steamer. Plus there’s also warm dishes like made-in-house Eggo waffles with corn flake crusted chicken.

And if your mouth isn’t already drooling, we hear Lauren Conrad also collaborated to create some bowls for the special opening occasion—and will be rolling out more seasonal options throughout the year.

The store is totally Insta-worthy and they know it—so they also cater to all your social media needs. There’s an Instagram station stocked with all the goods to make your cereal stand out. We’re talking props, special lighting that can be moved to your liking, different sized spoons, and even a variety of napkins so you can set up your bowl as you please for that perfect ‘gram pic! How considerate of them.

Stock up on nostalgic goodies, good, old-fashioned breakfast cereal, and all the IG pics your heart desires. And take it from us, you’ll want to try their signature dishes just as much as you want to create your own.

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