This Lower East Side Pizzeria Serves a Katz's Deli Pastrami-Topped Pizza... And We Literally Can't Even RN | spoiled NYC

Is there anything more New York than classic NY-style pizza topped with Katz's Deli pastrami?

Well, that's the idea behind Speedy Romeo's newest creation at their just-opened Lower East Side location. 

The pizza, which includes an everything bagel-inspired crust, is topped with Katz's famous pastrami, mustard-laced bechamel, smoked red sauerkraut, Fontina cheese, and Thousand Island dressing. 

The Italian-style menu also features other delicious items such as house-made mozzarella with sweet-pea puree, pancetta vin, and shisho and wood-oven-roasted artichoke with lemon aioli spring greens and mint. 

If that's not enough to intrigue you to visit the restaurant's brand-new 63 Clinton Street location, the 90s decor is sure to bring back a flood of sweet, sweet nostalgia. 


So if you're feeling adventurous, head down to the LES and check out this ultimate culmination of NYC cuisine. 

Because you know we'll be heading over ASAP. See you there?  

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[via GrubStreet]