So....who remembers that 'When Harry Met Sally' scene? Yes, that scene. The scene where Meg Ryan shows Billy Crystal how well women can fake crossing the finish line. 

The bonafide NYC staple, Katz's Deli, where that scene was filmed has been around since 1910.

And now, Katz's Deli is opening up another spot in Brooklyn in a few weeks.

Can we get an 'amen' with a side of steak fries? And a half sandwich? And some cheesecake? Because we're pretty fucking pumped right now.

But don't worry, the primary deli is still open! 

According to Pix 11Katz’s started out on the Lower East Side as Iceland Brothers in 1888. The name changed to Iceland & Katz and eventually to Katz’s Delicatessen in 1910. After that, it moved across the street to its current location at 205 East Houston Street.

It’s one of the few delis around that's actually expanding, as many Jewish delis have shuttered their doors due to competition and lease fees. 


The new outpost will be at 1 Dekalb Avenue at the old Albee Square Mall, on the corner of Flatbush and Fulton Street, so you can chow down on some serious sandwiches in Brooklyn.

Or, you know, remake the Meg Ryan scene with you friends for a moment. And hope everyone there is in on it (they'll know, they'll just pretend not to be). 

No official opening day has been announced, but we can't wait to sink out teeth into the new location. 

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