Button Up: How Well Do You Know Men's Suits? 🕵️‍♂️👨‍✈️👔

One of the newest made-to-measure companies to step onto the scene here in the United States is KASHIYAMA the Smart Tailor. Established in 1927 as Kashiyama Trading by its founder, Junzo Kashiyama, the Onward Group has evolved into a fashion powerhouse that stretches across the globe.

KASHIYAMA continued their commitment to quality and fresh, affordable style with their recent release of the Modern Tailor, which is their casual, travel-ready suit line geared towards the busy modern professional. With high-function fabrics that are quick-drying wrinkle-resistant, they are truly perfect for anyone from active creatives to jet-setters.

On the higher-end, they also have a freshly released tuxedo line, which is ideal for the most formal occasions, but still comes with the same personalization and affordability.

KASHIYAMA's storied and long history gives them a grand insight in creating their timeless styles and finding the perfect fits. Speaking of history, how well do YOU know the history of the men's suit? Take this quiz below for a chance to win your very own set of KASHIYAMA casual suits or a tuxedo—your choice!

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