This Exclusive Kanye West Remix Is Everything You Need to Get Pumped for The Meadows

Get ready! It's this weekend. YAAAS! Saturday marks the first day of the first-ever Meadows Music & Arts Festival in Queens. 

The Weeknd's no longer headlining (thanks a lot, SNL), but J. Cole's been added to the mix, Metric, The 1975, Coast Modern, World's Fair, Pretty Lights, BØRNS, Cage the Elephant, and a ton other are all primed and ready to kill it on what might be a pretty wet weekend. 

Then of course, here's to hoping that Kanye West doesn't get rained out for the second time this year, so rather than dwell on how devastating that would be, let's think more of what still could be. 

Does anybody remember one of the bigger disappointments of 2012, RZA's The Man with the Iron Fists? If you don't, that's okay. No worries. Again, it was pretty disappointing. The trailer was dope, the soundtrack was absolute fire, but then the movie was pretty bad. 

But when you've got Wu-Tang fame to your name, there's generally very little you can do wrong (unless you're one of the Clan who's solo exploits just were not very good...).

Again, the soundtrack is awesome, replete with a soulful Corrine Bailey Rae track that will crush your soul, a Black Keys-RZA collab that works for those times when it seemed like it made sense to throw The Black Keys into everything, and a bunch of Wu-Tang cameos. 

Lost in all of this though, is a kind of weird Kanye West song, "White Dress." All things considered (really trying to separate how much better the soundtrack is than the movie), it's a good song. But it didn't really fit. 

If you're waiting for Kanye with baited breath, praying that his set doesn't get rained out for the second time this year, there's a lot you can do to pass that time. 


You can time travel through his lengthy discography. You can relive the glory days of the "Old Kanye." You can write lengthy think-pieces on how the old Kanye lives not only in each and every red blooded American man, woman and child, but in the new Kanye as well. 

Or you can get all you can handle on this new remix produced by spoiled Media's Creative Director, Rodney Hazard. Calling it, "Tight Dress," Hazard says it's a "more melodic, futuristic sounding take on the vocals." 

Which, if you remember The Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack, is kind of weirdly placed. It doesn't particularly fit, even when you consider how the soundtrack was assembled. However good it might be on its own, it's weird when one of the weaker tracks on any compilation is a Kanye West track. 

Regardless, "Tight Dress" is fire. Give it a listen. Or two. Or seven. And then make sure you get your tickets for The Meadows Music & Arts Festival this weekend. See you there. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Chasing Rooftops] 

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