Ah, Yeezy Yeezy whatcha doing, huh?

Governors Ball Music Festival is a shinning beacon of amazing during music festival season in New York City. This year there were so many incredible musicians that were sure to delight any music fan. 

One artist practically broke the Internet when he was announced as the closer to the three-day music festival. We are talking about the one, the only, Kanye West.

Unfortunately, due to cataclysmic weather, the final day of Gov Ball was canceled and Yeezus couldn't perform his set.

But, the self-proclaimed genius was determined to deliver a show to his dedicated followers.

Kanye West damn near started riots in the East Village because of a pop-up show that was announced through fellow collaborator Virgil Abloh.


At first, Kanye and crew took over Hot 97's Summer Jam and performed the new single to the G.O.O.D. Music collaborative album Cruel Winter.

virgilabloh summer jam now. **PABLO - cancelled due to safety priority.

Notice the matching Yeezys. How adorable!

hairweavekiller Stop da bih let the crowd say it !!!

After obliterating the Summer Jam stage, Kanye announced via Twitter where the pop-show was gonna be at.

What ensued was Kanye West mass-hysteria.

hairweavekiller Dumb

About 15 minutes before the show was supposed to start Webster Hall tweeted out that there would be no second coming of Yeezus that night.

But, Kanye made a surprise entrance... and exit... at the same time.

Kanye West sure caused a lot of pandemonium last night and well, this should be expected after all. He is Kanye West. 

He even hopped on the phone with Mayor de Blasio asking if he could block off a couple of blocks, throw some screens up, and let people party in the streets. Of course, that request, which was undeniably insane, coming from a questionably insane person. 

There was a lot of broken glass and broken hearts last night and only Kanye can deliver such a beautiful dark twisted riot to NYC.

But, be on the lookout New Yorkers! It doesn't look like Kanye is done with us yet!

Get ready to wear some crummy pair of Adidas shoes and start hitting refresh on your timeline. You never know, you might see Yeezus very soon.

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[via Brooklyn Vegan] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]