ICYMI, The Meadows Music & Art Festival was this weekend, and it was DOPE. 

Er... mostly. It was a little overcast, and The Weeknd cancelled (but promised to make it up to New Yorkers!) his set on Saturday, so there was a lot of time to check out bands you might not have otherwise. 

And um, after starting his set 40 minutes late (not surprising, but still), Kanye West announced mid-"Heartless" that he had a family emergency and peaced out.

The crowd's instinct (which we can attest to as members of this aforementioned crowd) was obviously to be all "WT-ACTUAL-F?!" 

But after everyone went home and tweeted out their rage, the news broke that Kim K was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

Aaaand now we feel like dicks. Or, we should be feeling like dicks. "Kim Kardashian" is trending on Facebook and Twitter and the results are... less than sympathetic.

Click on either of those tags and chances are, you'll notice many peeps are more than a bit skeptical about the situation (the situation being that 5 masked, armed men disguised as police officers broke into Kim K's hotel room, bound and gagged her, and stole $10 million dollars of jewelry).

Sure, some people might be cynical after Lochte-gate, but we're comfortable saying a lot of the vitriol–for example, "nothing 'inappropriate' was reported, so she's lying"– is due to the national phenomenon that is Irrational Kardashian hatred, which has no known cure thus far.

Plaguing our population ever since America's Royal Family (we can literally hear some of you screaming rn) entered the spotlight, it usually just manifests itself as repeatedly asking what the Kardashians do for a living, or pointing out that "Kourtney is the only normal one," but has recently expanded to just straight up ignoring logic. 


Because someone would stage an armed robbery to claim insurance money for $10 million dollars worth of jewelry when their net worth is $150 million (and that's not including Kanye, y'all). 

Also, what's with the mentality that Kanye could have just finished up his set after receiving that news? He's a normal (kinda) dude. And hey, the only pictures anyone has of Kanye smiling are pretty much just with his wife and kids. Don't blame him (or her) for wanting to be with his family lol. 


So yeah, we were also at Gov Ball, and we were crushed when Kanye's day got rained out. And yeah, we were pissed Kanye had to leave last night, too. We get it. But don't be mad at 'Ye, be mad at the assholes who robbed his wife and made him leave. Come on.

[Feature Image Courtesy zap2it]