Now you and 299 others can dine on the most bomb cheesecake in the city together. Pure harmony.

Junior's, the iconic Brooklyn diner that has taken NYC by storm with its famous cheesecake, is opening up its third location, and it's gonna be huge...literally.

This NYC classic is coming to Times Square, specifically to 1626 Broadway, taking over what was once Ruby Foo's, which permanently closed back in 2015.

This will technically be the second official Juniors location in New York, as their previous location in Grand Central Terminal closed permanently following a fire in April.

This location will be able to seat 300 customers at a time, and will feature, along with the usual bakery and restaurant, live entertainment, and is expected to open sometime next year.

Now you can stop for dinner and a show before hitting up a Broadway show - if you can handle that kind of entertainment overload.

Juniors has an outpost in the Times Square tourist hub, which will remain open even after the new Times Square location opens up. 


If you've never been to a Junior's before, here's what you need to know: their cheesecake is the bomb. Seriously.

Of course it all boasts a full menu filled with some NYC classics that are a bit on the pricey side, but hey, what can you expect?


Now that New York is a little more bearable with all of the costume characters and ticket solicitors corralled into designated activity zones, you actually consider trekking out to Times Square for some of the best cheesecake in the city.

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]