Even Though This Weather's Got Zero Chill: 7 Best Things Going Down in NYC This Weekend

HELLO, WEEKEND. We've missed you, you beautiful thing. Please don't go disappearing again, it scares us. 

Got it? Good. 

While we certainly enjoyed this week of train delays and temperamental weather, we're super psyched that the weekend has finally rolled around again.

And surprise - there's a ton of amazing stuff going down this weekend in New York City.

From parties to events to comedy shows, there's no shortage of fun to be had over the coming few days, so you'd best take advantage of them. After all, we know Monday is going to arrive sooner than we'd like it do. 

Read on to discover all the dopest dopeness going down in NYC this weekend. 

Thursday, June 9th

1. Midtown Love @ W New York

W New York is bringing back everything we used to love about Midtown: sophistication, and a revitalized passion for the sheer richness of art and culture with their monthly event series, Midtown Love.

They’re bringing the love back, making you feel right at home in their swanky cocktail lounge, The Living Room.


This Thursday, they're showcasing the dreams and work of some of NYC’s most brilliant photographers. 

It’s going to be an intimate gathering of a handful of artists and their closest friends and deepest admirers who truly love and appreciate both what they have done and what they’re still dreaming of doing.

Friday, June 10th

2. Purple Rain Screening @ Syndicated 


Still mourning the tragic passing of music legend, Prince? Sigh. Us, too.

His legend lives on, though, in our minds and hearts, as well as on the big screen at Syndicated in Brooklyn this Friday. 

Tix are only $3, so grab them while you can and prepare to relive one of the greatest moments in pop culture. 

3. And I Am Not Lying Variety Show


The Upright Citizen's Brigade is one of the city's best comedy venues, showcasing NYC's best talent at super affordable prices.


This Friday, Jeff Simmermon of This American Life hosts this hilarious variety show featuring stand-up comedy, storytelling, burlesque, and even bullwhip & lasso tricks. It's definitely not one to be missed. Get tickets here

Saturday, June 11th

4. Shanghai Gesture Burlesque Show @ Lumos


For some reason, the weather has sort of reverted back to a strangely cold, needlessly rainy, and somewhat miserable version of spring we didn't want. WTF? It's supposed to be summer?

Well, you can find all the summer heat you ever needed at Lumos this weekend, in the form of both their burlesque performances and their signature liquor that packs a punch, Baijiu. 

This Saturday, head to Lumos for their one-year anniversary throw down, where guests can enjoy free champagne and a free DJ’d after-party. Grab your tickets here!


5. New York Road Runners New York Mini 10K  


New York Road Runners is an amazing community organization dedicated to helping thousands of New Yorkers discover their life’s passions and find inspiration through running. 

Through various outreach programs and events, such as this Saturday's NYRR Mini 10K returning to Central Park June 11th, New York Road Runners touches and inspires the lives of over 400,000 people. 


This Saturday marks the 45th running of the women's-only Mini 10K. Sign up here and get moving!

Sunday, June 12th

6. Tony Awards LIVE at The West End


And since our lifelong dream of marrying Hugh Jackman has yet to pan out, we will not be attending this year's celebration as his guest/life partner. Someday, Hugh. Someday...

But instead, you can experience the entire live event at The West End's viewing party this Sunday, hosted by Vita Summers. There will be food and drink specials, guests hosts, and feigned surprise at Hamilton sweeping every category. 

7. Jazz Age Lawn Party


Get ready to don your most dapper 1920s attire and dust off your dancing hoes for this annual #throwback jazz party. 

The event goes down every year on Governor’s Island, and will be held on Saturday June 11th and Sunday June 12th, where you can enjoy incredible classic cocktails, old school dances, and tons of sunlight and fun.


Get your tickets here. Can’t make it? Don’t worry, you’ll still have a shot August 13th and August 14th.

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