What June Gonna Do Monthly Guide ☀️🍻🏖

The beaches have opened, the schools have closed, and everyone's throwing on sun screen and shorts. It's finally June! Get out and enjoy the city, you can no longer blame the weather. From Park events to festivals and World Pride we've got you covered. 

June 1st

NY Freaknik (Prospect Park, Brooklyn @ 12 PM)

Prospect parks serene greenery and slopes are being amped up today for the New York Freaknik, a twist on a picnic brought to us by The Champagne Club, promising to kick off your summer properly. Music from Dj Joker and others are curating the tops hits from Soca, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Kompa, Hip-Hop and more. Bring your coins and pop up to purchase food and drinks while enjoying the live music. There will also be giveaways and Who Got The “Juice” wristbands for purchase which will give access to unlimited punch.

NY Polish Film Festival (58 Park Ave, Manhattan @ 3:30 PM)


Responsible for bringing flicks like Nina, Atak Paniki and many more to audiences cravings art from creatives of the Polish community, the NY Polish Film Festival is up and running for two more days. The 15th annual event has open showtimes for 3 films throughout the day including; Woman Power, Nina and Planet Single. The collection of films are considered as those on the frontlines of new Polish cinema, making their US premiere.

June 2nd

YES Block Party (2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn @ 12 PM)


Yes, the House Of Yes is hosting a block party. Yes, it’s going to include the creative, artistic and colorful antics you’d find at one of their usual masterpieces events. The creators at Soul Summit, responsible for the daytime disco tracks, believe every celebration needs music, dancing, fun and family and that’s just what they intend on delivering. The House Of Yes’ outdoor and indoor approach to art means they’ll be setting up numerous live art performances throughout the day, all over. The totally free Art Party will carry on into the evening, when visitors are invited to mosey inside and join in on Body Art Party, which starts at 6pm.

June 4th

Blue Note Jazz 2019 (Park Ave and Central Park, Manhattan @ 5 PM)

Blue Note Jazz club has grown in popularity, notably for its standard of service, hand selected musicians and contributions to the livelihood of New York’s Jazz community. Blue Note has been called the home of Jazz for many musicians who didn’t resonate with other venues such as Oscar Peterson, Stanley Turrentine and more. Through their typical standard of selection, they’ve curated the Blue Note Jazz Festival, bringing authentic and soulful performers to venues in the city.

June 8th

Bacon And Beer Classic (140 Stewart Ave, Brooklyn @ 1 PM)


Bacon and Beer are awesome, especially paired! It’s pretty much that simple. You can enjoy the two beloved B’s during the debut of this unique and decadent celebration at the Brooklyn Mirage, providing guests with unlimited tasting of nearly 100 brews from local breweries. You can expect to see bacon prepared in ways you love and have yet to imagine from over 50 local restaurants working hard to create new and exciting bacon concoctions like bacon sliders and bacon mac. There will also be games, giveaways and music in the venue space, an open air oasis serving as a sanctuary for your deepest darkest bacon fantasies!

35th Salsa Fest 620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn @ 6 PM)


There are many ways to enjoy Salsa, but above them all is the participation in dance. For the 35th annual celebration of Salsa Fest, New Yorker’s both familiar and new to the genre are invited out to watch skilled professional dancers renowned for their precision and poise, perform live throughout the day. There will also be live musical performances to enjoy if you’re a little more reserved, from greats like Willie Colon, Jerry Rivera and Victor Manuelle.

June 9th

Puerto Rican Parade (Fifth Avenue Route @ 11 AM)


In the past years the emotions surrounding Puerto Rico, the resilience of the island and it’s people have rebirthed a sense of community, both stronger and more passionate. This month’s Puerto Rican Parade will be a display of heart, identity and pride. There will be salsa, hip-hop and reggaeton playing across New York, and if we’re lucky some Bomba. Wear your flags and partake by having a piragua under the sun or enjoying some authentic cuisine from tons of food vendors.

June 10th

NY Indie Spirits Tasting Expo (30 West 44th St, Manhattan @ 4:30 PM)


Mainstream sips are cool, but what about tasting the most rustic creations in the spirits world. The NY Indie Spirits Tasting Expo is promising a drinking experience unlike others, with flavors that challenge and delight the palate. There will be items for the risky and traditional taster alike, as well as flavor schemes that are sweet and bold. If you’re interested in a day of treats, the expo might be what you’re looking for.

June 13th

Museum Mile Festival (Fifth Ave, 82nd St Manhattan @ 6 PM)

Most New Yorkers are familiar with the Museum Mile, a perfect line up of some of the hottest destinations for art from El barrio in East Harlem to townhouses of the Upper East Side and neighborhoods in the outer boroughs. The Museum Mile Festival brings the essence of fun, art and expression out of the somewhat intimidating corridors of private spaces, into the streets for all to enjoy. There will also be special exhibits and art galleries open to the public from 82nd - 110th street.

June 14th

Brew At The Zoo (2300 Southern Blvd, The Bronx @ 6 PM)


Good news, you can now help fund important caretaking and resuscitation of the animals at the Bronx Zoo whilst getting buzzed. The Brew At The Zoo has yet to waiver as animal lovers with a fondness for partying pile out and purchase tickets to this once in a lifetime event. Stroll through personal exhibits with all of the gorgeous, exotic and rare animals calling the Bronx Zoo their home and enjoy ice cold beers while you do!

June 15th

Jazz Age Lawn Party (Governors Island, Colonels Row Manhattan @ 12 PM)


A lot of Gatsby and a ton of style fuse together to deliver the world’s largest prohibition- era inspired celebration, complete with all the refreshing thrills of the 1920’s like ragtime and cloche hats. As their 14th year running, the Jazz Age Lawn Party has gathered a notable reputation that draws in thousands of jazz lovers, their bowties and pearls, from across the U.S in hopes of foxtrotting across the stage.

Rum Fest (23 East 4th St, Manhattan @ 12:30 PM)