Wild Weekend Guide: A 90's Skate Party, Slime Expo, and Summer Concerts 🎊🎶

 July 26th, Friday

Jazz Cruise (62 Chelsea Piers, Manhattan @ 7:30 PM)


Let a 1920’s style yacht capture your heart with its glamorous design and amazing views of the skyline. The live jazz playing throughout the deck will enchant you while you make your way around NYC waters for two hours. Those aboard can enjoy sipping wine, cold beer or champagne as selected during ticket purchase.

Sasha_John Digweed (140 Stewart Avenue, Brooklyn @ 9 PM)


Modern House meets 90’s trance when duo Sasha and John Digweed hit the stage. Brooklyn Mirage is welcoming the artists in this weekend for a live set that will feature their defining sound, notable in their “Northern Exposure” mix album. The open space venue will feature 360 projections, light art, and a full-service bar!

Rooftop Films (140 Liberty Street, Manhattan @ 7:15)


This intimate event returns for the 8th year in a row thanks to supporting audiences and the Sundance Film Festival. Film lovers can turn up to watch shorts that are diverse and culturally impactful. Before the films, there will be live music to enjoy while you mingle and decompress. The night will be wrapped up by a Q & A segment to better process the feature.

July 27th, Saturday

Warm-Up Series (22-25 Jackson Avenue, Queens @ 12 PM)


MoMA PS1 is returning this weekend, with another installment of their concert series. They provide energetic electronic music and a talented line up at each event allowing listeners to jam and dance. As one of the biggest nonprofit art institutes in NYC,

their reputation for selecting and facilitating creative talent is sure to make the night worth it. Visitors can expect live music from talent like AJ Tracey, Fuego and more.

Slime Expo NYC (72 Noble Street, Brooklyn @ 12 PM)


Get messy and get creative while surrounded by new products in the world of slime. Once an overlooked party favor, slime is now at the height of its popularity. The addictive putty has been revamped by inspired influencers creating their own recipes featuring add-ins like glitter, sand and textured beads. If this all sounds unfamiliar to you and you want to get your hands-on experience of the distressing and oddly satisfying concoction, get your tickets quickly.

Tequila Fest 2019 (3050 Stillwell Avenue, Brooklyn @ 3 PM)

The art murals at Coney Island are beautifully gritty and massive, making them the perfect background for your media feed. The pieces, from different artists and styles, are enough to warrant a trip to Coney Island but throw some tequila in the mix and it becomes something you can’t miss. Tequila Fest 2019 is boasting complimentary drinks, tacos, jerk chicken, BBQ and of course ambiance.

July 28th, Sunday

Awaken Wellness Fair (501 Lexington Avenue at East 47th Street, Manhattan @ 10 AM)


Returning for the 18th year, the spiritual holistic party called the Awaken Wellness Fair is being held this weekend. The event is focused on educating and assisting individuals with their wellness journey whether it be through diet, medicinal techniques or ancient practices. Through combining technological advances with panels from yogis, healers, and other professionals, the event successfully achieves a more complete picture of health on modern mind, body and soul levels.

Free Yoga At Prospect (Bartel-Pritchard Square Prospect Park, Brooklyn @ 10 AM)


As part of the Summer Series spanning over 6 weeks, Yoga Sole is holding space for yoga lovers of all experience levels. The gentle flow class will be held in Prospect Park as long as weather permits. Participants can rsvp and bring their own mat to reap the beneficial mind and body effects of yoga practice.

CurlFest Roller Set (171 East Drive, Brooklyn @ 12 PM)


CurlFest has gained attention as one of the largest and diverse natural hair conventions in NYC. The event organizers are leaving their mark while showing off their fun and let-loose quality. The skate party will feature old school jams and asks that attendees arrive with that in mind! Wear your neon leggings and bamboo hoops and prepare to enjoy a night of supportive fun for everyone.

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