Party Like It's... 1776! How Does This July 4th Weekend Sunset Booze Cruise Sound?!

Ah, July 4th. It's a time to celebrate 'Murica, be grateful for our independence, and, of course, party as hard as we possibly can. 

In case you missed our first few events-- Actin' a Fool at No. 8 and gettin' schwifty on a boat for Cinco de Mayo-- we had a freaking amazing time.

Of course, when the Corona and Jose Cuervo are flowing all night long as they were during our Cinco de Mayo booze cruise, it's hard not to. Like, really. It was hard.

But we're looking to top ALL of that for our next event: a Fourth of July weekend sunset booze cruise aboard one of World Yacht's finest. 

It's going to be dope.

We're going to be red, white and boozin' all up and down the Hudson River aboard World Yacht's absolutely gorgeous yacht, Duchessa three-level yacht with incredibly spacious decks.

There'll be plenty of room to get down on the main and lower-level decks, but you're going to lose your mind scopin' the views of the New York City skyline from their floating deck way up-top. 

"Sure, boats are cool and all, but will there be drank?" said no one ever because that's just the stupidest question we've ever heard. 


Will there be booze? Yes, please and thank you, I'll have another! There's going to be an fully-stocked open vodka bar thanks to 50 Bleu Vodka, as well as open beer and wine bars. 

But we all know you can't drink and cruise on an empty stomach. Fear not, there's going to be incredibly delicious passed h'ordeuvres whipped up right on board by the yacht's world-class chefs. All. Night. Long.

So, to break it down: a fully-stocked vodka open bar courtesy of 50 Bleu Vodka, free beer and wine, passed h'ordeuvres, three hours of dancing, and breathtaking views because World Yacht's absolute beaut, Duchess.

It's all going down Sunday, July 3rd, 6:30 p.m., at Pier 81, located at West 41st Street & the West Side Highway-- come hell, high water, rain, or shine-- and the party won't stop until at least 9:30 p.m. That's three, count 'em three, hours of madness. 

Seriously, what better way is there to celebrate America than by taking in breathtaking views of the greatest city in the country? 


Is it going to Boston and watching fireworks at Fenway Park? Maybe, but save that noise for July 4th. But make this Sunday Funday count and say word to the 3rd! 

Also, shut up, Boston. You're drunk. 

Now grab your tickets here and get ready to party like it's 1776. See. You. There. 

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