That's right, everyone's fave kinda-okay beach is getting a makeover!

This new upgrade to Jones' is said to be pretty huge, considering how it's part of Governor Cuomo's $900 million NY Parks upgrade initiative. 

As part of the plan, Cuomo wants to transform the beach from how it currently stands as more of a concert venue, to an "international tourist destination.

Changes include added nature trails, new parking sites, and even a refreshed Freeport-Jones Beach bus. 

While these changes are significant and will hopefully bring more and more people to the beach, there are already some enhancements to pre-existing features that are doing their job of attracting tourists. 


One of the bigger changes has been to the beachside eatery, Marine Dining Room. It has received a fair upgrade and is surely bringing in more guests to the area. The plan is to continue this makeover as the months pass. 

In addition to the above-mentioned change comes the plan to add recreational sports areas featuring games like shuffleboard for all to enjoy. 

Oh, and we can't forget about the snappy new welcome signs to reel in all the new, bright-eyed tourists! 


We know this seems like a lot, because it is. Did you forget we said it's gonna cost $8.8 MILLION DOLL HAIRS?! (Doll hairs= dollars.) So we might just have to wait and see if all this gets accomplished in the time that Cuomo intends. Anyone wanna take bets on when it will all be done??? 

Cross your fingers that things go as planned and that we aren't wasting money on this massive project. In the meantime, check the Jones Beach Theater concert calendar for upcoming events! 

[Feature Image Courtesy I Love NY] [via Time Out New York]