We love donuts. Actually, we don't think that "love" is actually strong enough to describe our feelings for the confection. 

However, we're certainly sure that these people love donuts more than anyone we've ever encountered... and that's saying a lot coming from us. 

While New York City was being pummeled with more than two feet of snow, these donut fanatics were getting glazed at Verboten in Williamsburg for Donut Fest NYC.

After tasting samples from local bakeries, a winner was voted by the crowds of thousands of adoring donut fanatics, while another was chosen by judges, who, we have to assume, are donut experts. 

We're not so sure how one becomes a donut expert, but we're more than willing to put in the work to earn such a highly-esteemed title. 

Check out these donut-obsessed fiends in the video from Viewing NYC below.


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[via Viewing NYC] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]