Jesus Quintana is back.

John Turturro of The Big Lebowski fame has been pushing for a Big Lebowski spin-off based on his character, major creep and bowling team member, Jesus Quintana, for some time now.

While Turturro has mentioned this possibility in several interviews many times since approximately 2008, it looks like this possibility is actually becoming a reality.

The first hint that this spin-off might be coming to life is when fans snapped pics of Turturro brushing up on his bowling skills in Brooklyn.

But maybe the man is just trying to pick up a new hobby, who's to say? So, the excitement simmers.

However, Birth.Movies.Death confirms that Turturro is working on a Big Lebowski spin-off focused on his character.

The site reported that Tarturro wrote the script for the film, already has a cast consisting of Bobby Cannavale, Audrey Tautou, and Susan Sarandon, and has already begun filming.

The film has yet to find a distributor, so this is as indie as it gets.


So is this just a super elaborate rumor, or an actual thing that's going to happen?

Bobby Cannavale has, thankfully, been giving us some clues via his Instagram (since, thankfully, he's no longer doing anything Vinyl-related). So far he's posted some 'on set' photos from Melody Lanes in Brooklyn, which proves that Turturro is definitely filming something in NYC.


Susan Sarandon has even chimed in with a pic from Jason Riis Park in Queens, tagging both Cannavale and Turturro.

Something is definitely going down, and we're hoping this turns out to be the actual Jesus Quintana spin off we've been waiting for. Meanwhile, Turturro is putting in excellent work in HBO's limited series, The Night Of, but that might make us a little more impatient for this (depending on how it ends). 

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]