New Yorkers have always been a bit skeptical of street vendors hawking overpriced crap on the streets of New York City, but there's one breed of vendor that we dearly miss from the streets of NYC. 

The most successful, charismatic, and friendly salesman in the history of NYC, affectionately known as Mr. Peeler, spent almost two decades selling vegetable peelers to pedestrians. 

Unlike other street vendors, Mr. Peeler, who's real name is Joe Ades, returned to his three-bedroom apartment on Park Avenue at the end of his business day. 

This dashing vender with a British accent, bedecked in $1,000 designer suits, amassed his fortune by becoming "an event" for the people of NYC. 

Mr. Ades, who retired from selling his peelers at the age of 72, is certainly one of the best salesman that has ever graced the New York City streets... though he would have a slight issue with the title of "salesman." 

"I couldn't sell real estate or cars, for example. What I like to do is pitch to a crowd, draw a crowd together and have them give me their money." 


Unfortunately, the Englishman passed away in 2009, one day after he was granted American citizenship.  

Check out the video below of the legend at work.

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[via Vanity Fair] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]