Donald Trump is kind of the worst, right?

Well, what if he were a character on Full House? You know, the beloved 90s show with John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulier (you know, Joey)?

Yeah, we just want you to imagine Donald Trump in that situation. Will you? Actually, you know what, imagine a Jimmy Fallon-esque Donald Trump; we mean, Jimmy Fallon playing Donald Trump.

The truth is that the Bob Saget, Joey, and Uncle Jessy gang are an entirely supportive bunch, who offer entirely wholesome, supportive advice, and they're all coming back for Netlfix's Fuller House

If you watch, you'll see some classic 90s jokes. You'll also catch some witty banter from Jimmy Fallon (he loves saying "huge") and you'll get to see your favorite Full House cast members, all grown up.

The catch phrases return, the jokes are on point, and the entire thing is more heart warming than we can take. Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump is about everything we need in our lives today. 

Sure, Fallon's Bernie Sanders impression is basically garbage, so this successful Trump impression is a bit of a relief. We're also a little unsure of how good Netflix's Fuller House can and will be.

Watch the video below. It's basically everything. Then catch Fuller House on Netflix February 26th. 


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[via NBC]