Hey remember when we said there would be an awesome (or....pawsome) terminal opening up at JFK airport with flat screens in private suites, climate controlled temperature and a pool?

Remember when we revealed it's for pups and kittens? And that it will open in 2016? Okay, so the year was a little bit off.

But now, JFK has officially opened a pet-catered terminal.

And based on the features we're hearing about it, it's more than likely Fido or Mittens are gonna be getting better customer service than us.

According to Time Out NY, the new facility called The Ark has officially opened its doors for phase one, the Equine and Livestock Export Center.

Along with the Export Center, an Aviary In-Transit Quarantine and a Pet Oasis will be opening as well. But don’t let the name fool you into making you more jealous of your four-legged companion. The Oasis’s purpose is to offer information on traveling with pets, customs clearances, and quarantines.

But once the terminal is fully complete, which is hopefully in the summer, there will also be a grooming area and an import/export area for horses.


Plus, the $65 million facility (yes, that much is being put into the terminal for your pet) will have a working pool in the 178,000-square-foot warehouse. Overnight kennels, micro-chipping services to track your pets, and eventually even an in-house spa will be available.

For your dog. Not you.


The final ‘phase’ will house a veterinary clinic, veterinary blood laboratory, and pet boarding and grooming facilities.

Infinitely better than the chairs we’re resigned to sleep in overnight. 

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy arkjfk.com]