We love New York City. We really do. 

But sometimes, we feel like we just need to get the hell out of here before we punch someone square in the face. 

It's not an abnormal feeling for New Yorkers. 

The cold winters, the constant MTA struggles, and the general chaos of living here can sometimes weigh on us. Wouldn't it be amazing to escape somewhere warm and spacious, just for a weekend?

Yes, yes it would be. And JetBlue knows that. GOD BLESS YOU, JETBLUE. 

Through tomorrow only, the airline is offering flights out of NYC for as low as $54. YES, WE ARE SERIOUS.

If you book for travel dates between May 3rd and June 22nd, you can nab a one way ticket to Hyannis, Cape Cod for $54, Tampa, Florida for $109, or San Juan, Puerto Rico for $194.


Um, one of each please? 


Grab tickets here before this amazing deal ends! And maybe warn your coworkers that you might not come back. It's definitely a possibility. 

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[via jetBlue] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]