We love One World Trade. We think it's the most stunning building in the city, in fact. We often catch our breath at its shiny brilliance, and how it sometimes blends in with the sky and clouds.

We just have one criticism of the dazzling building: its Observatory, open as of May 29th 2015, is too expensive.

Why do we think so? Well, standard admission to the tallest point in the city costs $32 per trip.

It's true that this $32 includes access to the three floors of the Observatory, arrival via some of the fastest elevators in the world, and an amazing New York City film presentation.

Still... we think $32 is far too pricey. We wish the Observatory, given its staggering role in the city's aesthetics and history, were much more accessible to much more of the city's population. 

We wish it were more possible for New Yorkers from every income level to have access to, as the view from the Observatory is advertised, a glance at "forever."

Why do we think this is so important? Well, from the Observatory, you can glimpse the entire island of Manhattan from an unparalleled height. 


In the Observatory, you're 1,250 high-- nearly atop the 1,776-foot-tall building. Unless you've got a helicopter, it's the most staggering view in the city. You can see the skyline and 50 miles beyond, all the way to the Statue of Liberty and Atlantic Ocean.

Doesn't that sound like something that should be accessible to more of NYC's populace?

JetBlue Airways, New York's Hometown Airline, apparently agrees. If you buy a One World Observatory ticket before March 30th, 2016, you'll get 20% off with your jetBlue promo code JBWINTER16. 

The airline sent out an email blast advertising the deal on the afternoon of January 4th. With the deal, admission to the Observatory is reduced to $25.60. 

We have a couple thoughts on this. 

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Our initial thought is that the price cut is helpful. $25.60 for admittance to the Observatory, while still agreeably exorbitant, is admittedly better than $32.

Our second thought? The price cut isn't good enough. We like jetBlue, but we don't think the people with the economic freedom to purchase flights are the ones that could benefit from the price cut. 

We think it's cool jetBlue is helping New Yorkers catch a view from the building that's vital to our city's continued recovery from September 11th; a recovery we'll never fully complete. The wound from that day will continue to twinge throughout our city forever.

Still, we wish jetBlue, or the Observatory, went so far as to offer free admission to the Observatory on a single day of the week, like many of the city's museums offer

Everyone in the city suffered from September 11th, so everyone in the city should have access to One World Trade's triumphant view.


That way, the astonishing sight we've all suffered for, we've all hoped for-- the view of the city we all love, would be available to so many more New Yorkers. 

What do you say, jetBlue? Care to sweeten the deal a bit? Even halving the price would be a huge help to plenty of New Yorkers. If you ask us, that'd really make you New Yorker's hometown airline.

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