Why is it that whenever people enter an airport, their sense of humanity and selflessness goes through the window? 

Maybe it's because they need a nap to combat the fact that flying is one of the most stressful, irritable experiences in our lives. 

Luckily for fliers, JetBlue has introduced napping pods, created by MetroNaps, in their JFK terminal, allowing travelers to recline in a pod that ensconces you with serene, relaxing rhythms. 

For 20 minutes, travelers can slumber in the pods free of charge. 

The pods are meant to limit distractions, focusing solely on a chance to recharge prior to your flight. 

JetBlue's director of corporate social responsibility stated "[we] are always focused on making the most comfortable experience for our customers, both on and off the plane." 

The pods will ensure that you won't miss your flight, waking you gently "with a combinations of lights, music and vibration." 


Hopefully these pods will make flying a bit more enjoyable, then again, these aren't actually on the plane. So... yeah, flying still sucks. 

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[via SecretNYC] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]