First Fiery Weekend Guide 🎼🏋️🎥

It's the first weekend in January and that means you can get out and experience new things. Our Fiery First Weekend Guide includes opportunities to learn a new skill set, jump-start your fitness routine or get in touch with your wellness. If you just need some fun, we've covered that with ticketed shows happening throughout the city. Browse the round-up and treat yourself to one of these welcoming events while availability lasts.

Friday, 1/3

Strength Class: Mobility 320 West 57th Street, Manhattan


Burn some calories, gain some flexibility and refine your running skills. The crucial process of stretching is often overlooked during exercise. To prevent injury and improve balance, attend this class focused on mobility and strength building.

Acoustic Concert: Genique Open Diary 955 West End Avenue, Manhattan

Rising star Genique is hosting an acoustic concert this weekend. Her performance will be smooth and sensual, setting the tone for the night. The tropical artist's roots have influenced her music, creating dynamic and catchy tunes in the past.

14th Annual 50 First Jokes NYC 149 7th Street, Brooklyn

Enjoy some laughs as a group of jokers takes the stage once again this year. The 14th Annual 50 First Jokes Performance is bringing comedy to the audience along with tons of personality. Each performer is unique and so is their humor, promising a lively and unpredictable round of stand-up and improv.

Saturday. 1/4

Restore & Renew Self Day for Care Women of Color 110 West 9th Street, Brooklyn

The initiative to Restore & Renew Self Day is to dig deep and rejuvenate your being. By working on the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels, attendees will learn methods and tools to self-care. Unwind and empower yourself with like-minded company and informative professionals.

Get LIT in 2020: Learn, Inspire and Transform with Shaun T 135 West 18th Street, Manhattan

Shaun T, fitness guru, exercise powerhouse and high energy instructor is leading us into a new year of health and success. Find out how you can transform your mindset in order to transform your body. Build a better body through workout, diet and wellness work all bundled into a convenient class.

DAYDREAMERS An Immersive Dance Show 34-36 West 32nd Street, Manhattan


Watch trained dancers move in unison and discord under the guidance of choreographers Bo Park and William Yao. The DayDreamers' performance immerses audiences in sound, rhythm, and art. Follow the developing storyline and performers as they exhibit the melding of film, music, dance and more.

Sunday, 1/5

Winter Writer's Open House 247 West 35th Street, Manhattan


The Winter Writer's Open House at Jacob Krueger Studio is welcoming writers and other professionals in the film industry to network. The screenwriting studio will host filmmakers, television industry talent and more as they mingle, brainstorm and discuss important topics such as conception and execution. 

NYC Acting Classes with Master On-Camera Coach John Pallotta 358 West 44th Street, Manhattan


Get in front of a camera and test your luck in the acting field. If you've ever been curious about how it feels to star in a film or television series, wonder no more. You can take a class with the pros and learn about acting strategies, presence, body language and more.

HOY 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Thank You For Everything! 2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn


It's always a magical party at the House Of Yes and the HOY 4 Year Anniversary event will be no different. Watch trained aerialists, dancers and performers delight crowds throughout the night in one of the largest celebrations of the weekend. Enjoy the dance floor, inhibition-less environment and stocked bar all night. 

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