Yeah, someone got a little too brotastic.  

NYC food trends are always on the NEXT level, but more often than not someone always takes that to the next level after that which is always a little too extra. Unicorn things. Rainbow things. Milkshake things.  

At Crif Dogs in the East Village, you can now get a deep-fried bacon-wrapped hot dog drizzled in Jäger syrup. Yeah. 

It's probably more intense than you're ready for, and we aren't so sure how to feel about it. 

I mean, is it better than all the unicorn BS? 

TBH nothing can be worse than the unicorn hype, but still. Jägermeister soaked hot dogs? We're not sure. 

This dog (pronounced dawg, obviously) is serious and covered with caramelized onions, pulled pork, AND house-made coleslaw. 


This is no joke, and we wish we were kidding. It's massive and less than $8. 

So maybe you should try it? We can't tell you what to do, but we can suggest antacids if you do decide to snack on this dawg! 

Eat safely, NYC! And make sure you document this new bacon/Jäger craze. We'll need proof that you've survived, and that's exactly what Instagram's for.

[via Time Out New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Time Out New York] 

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