People come all over the world to see New York City. You're bound to hear ten different languages in the span of ten blocks and that's a simple beauty about this city.

People wait their whole lives for a few days here, and even though you loathe how slow they walk, you feel a tinge of happiness when you see a tourists face glow. 

Remember how you wanted a staycation this summer? Well, it looks like you'll still be able to see the world surrounded by all of the comforts (or insanity) of NYC.

From now until July 20th, you'll have a chance to take in a new immersive experience in Grand Central Terminal that transports you right to the beauty of Italy.

The Altagamma Foundation along with the Italian Trade Agency and the Ministry of Economic Development are the ones who are bringing a big slice of Italy to NYC.

The creative team who've brought this experience to life traveled over 200 locations to capture and transpose this beautiful piece that'll surely make you want to book your next flight to Italy.

The experience is taking place in the Vanderbilt Hall East and is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

So, after you're done eating at one of the city's best old-school Italian restaurants, take a cannoli and head over to Grand Central Terminal, an amazing place already, for a spectacular view of a country rich with history and flavor.

Let's be real, Little Italy is already great to be in (with a little help of course), but seeing the huge landscapes makes you really appreciate the cultural we have here.


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[via iItaly]