As if the High Line wasn't crowded enough, there might someday be an entire floating island connecting it to the Hudson River.

According to a plan by architect Eytan Kaufman, the structure would include an arts center, restaurants, and sports facilities, located at the Northern end of the High Line near 34th Street. 

The "island" itself would have five interconnected pyramid structures housing all of these facilities and would stretch 700 feet into the Hudson River connecting to the High Line.

The pyramids would be built around and sit atop of a central garden with a reflecting pool. 

The project, known fondly as the "Hub on the Hudson," hasn't been commissioned by city officials yet, but who knows? 

Maybe someday soon you'll be able to view the Hudson River from this massive island. 

Check out renderings of the design below.


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[via Curbed] [Feature Image Courtesy Curbed]