New York City has been a terrorist target for decades. That's really nothing new to those of us who live here. 

However, it seems as if terrorist groups are going above the mere location, and targeting specific New Yorkers whether their government workers, or merely average citizens residing in NYC. 

According to NBC New York, the FBI is reaching out to hundreds of New Yorkers to inform them that they have been targeted on an ISIS related list. 

Apparently, nearly 3,000 New Yorkers were listed (along with their names and personal information) in a cyberattack list, stating, "We want them #Dead." The list itself was posted on the private channel of the United Cyber Caliphate, a pro-ISIS group. 

An 88-year-old retiree, named Art, told NBC that the FBI visited his home to inform him that his name and information were on the ISIS list posted by the United Cyber Caliphate. 

According to Art, the FBI warned him to be cautious when he was in public, but Art doesn't seem too concerned. 


"It sounds like psychological warfare," he told NBC. "Make 3,000 people in this city very upset."

He continues, "I'm not going to change my life, I'm not going to let this get me down. I'm not going to even do what they're saying be cautious in the street, because it's nonsense, it's nonsense."


Map of targetted New Yorkers via NBC

Many terror analysts believe that the list simply exists to stir up fear, with little actual threat to the lives of those mentioned. 

Regardless, the FBI and NYPD are informing the 3,000 average New Yorkers of their inclusion on the list. 

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[via NBC New York]