Is this a miracle? We think so.  

Researchers at the University of Michigan and Cornell have created a material called "magnetoelectric multiferroic," which will be extremely beneficial to environmentalists and tech manufacturers alike. What does this even mean? 

 Don't worry we were wondering the same thing.

We might soon be introduced to a smartphone that only needs charging every few months. 

No we are not joking. 

To full understand this development, you need a PhD in physics.

Oh good, we're not alone.

As reported by Thrillist, this material will allow these devices to operate using a just a few quick pulses of electricity rather than a constant stream.  


So if all goes well, our computers and phones will require 100 times LESS energy to run.

Take a fully charged iPhone... this battery could potentially keep it charged for 3 months. Woah.


A Lead researcher on the project believes that we're still a few years away from seeing an actual device made with these materials, so don't go throwing out your chargers just yet. 

All good things take time, which makes sense because by the year 2030, electronics could account for half of global energy consumption.

[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy Popular Science]