Pokemon Go is highly addictive. The app has beaten already beaten Twitter in terms of daily users, and it's causing chaos in Central Park. It's still very new and much like anything new the bugs have to be worked out and this requires patience on the players side.

But, if you're like us and in New York City, you know that patience is not an easy thing. Ever tried to get one of Black Taps milkshakes? The lines are absurd so of course we lost our minds when we heard that a new location is coming. So, you can imagine how insane we got when we found this Pokemon Go map.

PokeVision lets you input any location you want and see what Pokemon are around that area and how long until they vanish.

For days now, the tracking system in the game hasn't worked and players have been mindlessly wandering until they finally have to settle for another Pidgey.

With PokeVision you can now comfortably wait until the right time to venture out in the heat and snag up the Pokemon that are close to you.

First you type in a location you want, let's say Central Park, then you click around and you can see what Pokemon are near and which are going to leave soon.


Now, many will argue and say that this is cheating, and we sort of agree with that sentiment. But if you've tried using the tracking system the game offers, you'll see that it simply doesn't work and is incredibly frustrating.

As of now, the game is only on desktop so you can still have a wild Pokemon Go adventure and fall into a pond if you'd like.

Check out the map here. Happy catching!


via PokeVision

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[Feature Image Courtesy PokeVision]