Check Out This Interactive Map of Every Affordable Housing Lottery in NYC Right Now

We know the struggle. Nowadays, there's a new affordable housing lottery popping up in New York City almost every single day.

That's why just a couple of weeks ago, we came out with our comprehensive guide to all affordable housing lotteries going down in NYC right now. And you absolutely. loved. it. 

There are now more than 30 open to a variety of household sizes and incomes, with the bulk of the lotteries geared towards low-income households. For instance, in buildings currently accepting applications, annual incomes for a single-person household range from $18,789 to $36,300 and two-family households from $20,160 to $41,460.


So when our friends over at 6sqft came out with this amazing interactive map of every affordable housing lottery in NYC, we were super excited and just had to share it with you. 

Now check it out below in all of its glory... and then sign up. Everywhere you can.