Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, Bring On The Interactive Cream-O: NYC's Most Zany Ice Cream Places 🤪🍦🍧

Regular Ice cream? Forget about it! 

We want more! 

I scream, you scream, we all drop to our feet for finding the most interactive ice cream in NYC. 

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (61 Grove St, Manhattan) 

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, where you can find a regular soft serve underneath the surface of many different choices that you may not deem as “normal” but who wants normal right? 



The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, where you can find a regular soft serve underneath the surface of many different choices that you may not deem as “normal” but who wants normal right? 

Recently ended at the beginning of June, they had Cheet-Oh’s covered soft serve.

Although we missed that intriguing combination, they have other flavors that come and go, but the ones that stay are the Salty Pimp, the American Glob (named after a novel?), how can we forget Rocky Roadhouse (Rocky Road, but even rockier, we promise).

There are more to try; this is the closest to a vanilla soft serve you’ll find in this guide. 

-321° Ice Cream Shop (288 Grand St, Brooklyn)

By the looks of this shop, it would appear as though you were walking into a human-sized refrigerator but, it's not as cold as you’d think.

The white walls add the chemistry lab atmosphere, making yourself all ready to taste a cloud of liquid nitrogen beneath your ice cream. Watch your ice cream 


Their everyday features include cookies and cream, mint chip, peanut butter crunch, and the ever so lovely matcha. 

The last thing you would expect from 321 are liquid nitrogen cheese balls (don't worry, they come with instructions 👀🌬)

Pro tip: The best selfies feature dragon breath!

Cool Mess (137 E 62nd St, Manhattan)

Starting with the basic three flavors and building up from there with a little over twenty options to include in the mix!

But where are we putting all of this consideringly large amount of ice cream?

A giant martini glass shaped bowl of course.

You might need a friend or two to share this with, or you can try to tackle it on your own.


Stuffed Ice Cream (139 1st Ave. New York, NY)

Stuffed ice cream's flavors are like no other.
Can't decide on a flavor? Enjoy a seven or twenty-one scooped “bouquet.” One cone, endless scoops!


Pro tip: Take it up a notch with a “Cruff,” (an ice cream-filled donut) Do not miss a chance of trying one of these, especially if you have nothing to do on a hot summer day this month. 

Max and Mina’s Ice Cream (71-26 Main St, Queens)

One thing is for sure, you will be wondering what in the world do they mean by their ice cream flavors? The names of these flavors (Corn on the Cob, Pizza, Pesto, and Raging Cajun) will have you guessing if this is a scoop shop 


The best thing to know before going in is that you will be having homemade ice cream, and if you choose to go again, you might find a flavor that didn’t exist yet.

Amorino's Gelato (721 8th Ave Manhattan)

Roses are red, violets are blue, can we offer a gelato rose to you? They offer over 20 flavors of gelato you can pick from, and yes - that means you can pick more than one flavor per cone. You can get creative with what you would like to have at that moment. Who’s to say you can’t try 5 flavors on one cone right? Organic, freshly picked ingredients and have options for those who are vegan? Can’t go wrong there! 


Feeling like you’d like to have a crepe? You can put some scoops of gelato in there as well. To the person who will propose to me in the future, if you don’t know when or where - a rose gelato at the register would be nice, haha. But seriously, about the rose…

Snowdays (72-24 Austin St. Queens, NY)

First of all, the Yeti. 

He is so cute!

Create a masterpiece out of nine flavors (two being vegan),  a list of toppings, and flavored drizzle. Ice cream is not your art medium they've already designed tasty bowls, our favorite is the vanilla wafer, and strawberry topped The New Yorka.

The best part? Enjoy your shaved treat with a spoon that changes color when it touches the cold. 


Don’t miss out on their collaboration with Kellogg's Cereal Bar located by Union Square. Enjoy cereal infused ice cream through July.

Eggloo (60 Mulberry St. New York, NY)

If you like waffles with ice cream scoops on top, you’re going to love this one.

The ice cream (either scooped or soft serve) will sit on your choice of waffle or cookie. With flavors spanning from the traditional chocolate to durian fruit pebbles.  


Pro tip: Order the color changing Earl Grey Egloo rose and swirl the chocolate and lychee rose soft serve to make the secret menu favorite. 

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