Itchin' for Adventure? This Simple Text Alert Can Save You Hundreds of Dollars on Travel

When was the last time you had an actual adventure? You did something spur of the moment—we're talkin' nuts to bolts, a decision you made right then and there to get up, go, and do something without having to think twice about it?

DealRay is a travel subscription service that can save you hundreds of dollars in seconds with legit deals sent right to your phone for only $9.99/month. 

The greatest adventures are the ones that come from the most unexpected places. A wizard dropping by with a quest, a runaway droid, a giant in the living room of a shack droppin' brain bombs like, "Yer a wizard, Harry," or, yes, a text alert. 

Say hello to DealRay

Think of DealRay as your own personal travel concierge that keeps you in the know when there's an insane flight deal out there that they know you need to know about.   

They're master curators of travel sending you instant text alerts for staggeringly low airfares—tailored to whatever departure area is most convenient for you—that can save you hundreds of dollars in seconds. 


Literally. It's a text. These are legit deals that are carefully scrubbed of any nonsense and tailored to your actual travel preferences.

DealRay is that friend in the know when it comes to travel deals that are basically already BFF's with your budget. 

Not only are they sifting through and making sense of the confusing mess of those convoluted flash sales (like, when do they ever make sense?!), they're dropping knowledge bombs—in the form of text alerts—like huge fare price drops the airlines don't even publicize. 

For $9.99/month you will receive instant text alerts for incredible airfare deals that will save you (on average) $428 per deal. 

Not sure what that looks like? Umm... can you say trip from JFK to Abu Dhabi for $188? Yup. What about a flight from NYC to Paris for $150? That's also happened. 

All you have to do is sign up (your first month is free), set your home city (or where you want to fly from), select what regions you're looking to fly from, and then put some places you might want to travel—specific cities, or general continents, doesn't matter! 

Then tell your travel buddy and you can get an extra two months free when they sign up. BOOM! Not only did you just give yourself the best chance to save hundreds on epic travel adventures, you just saved yourself another $20 for doing the decent, responsible human being thing and sharing with a friend. 


Yes, flash sales are great, and sure, clickbait airfare articles are a great way to get your hopes up before ultimately shattering your sense of adventure. But why not just save yourself the heartache and get great deals on flights texted right to your phone with DealRay

Adventure is out there. Get in the know. GTFO without dropping stacks of cash. Sign up for DealRay and get your first month free. 

Be the first to receive instant alerts for incredible airfare deals with savings of up to 70%, and more!

[Feature Image Courtesy DealRay | Instagram] 

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