In this app-eat-app world, time is up for one of our favorite social media platforms.

According to NY Mag, today, January 17th, marks the final day for Vine.

Every app has its day, and tomorrow is Vine's. 

So, make sure you download all your six-second masterpieces through the app or website by the end of day. 

I know what you're thinking: ain't nobody got the storage for that. Never fear, you can also chose to send your Vines to yourself via email (with a link that expires after 72 hours). 

How will we watch hilarious video on loop for hours? How will we learn about all the grandmas out there that are actually cooler than we will ever be?  


Have no fear. 


Twitter will be launching a new 'Vine Camera,' which will allow you to record more six-second videos of your cat to live forever on

[via NY Mag] [Feature Image Courtesy The Verge]