Inside The Mouth... A new Kitchen + Bar Space Neighboring Brooklyn Art Haus

Assaf Tamir, Naama Tamir, Allison Mickelson, Alex Orthwein and Isaac Bush Courtesy of Jahleah Santiago

The Mouth (20 Marcy Ave.), a vibrant, new restaurant and bar nestled in the heart of Williamsburg and next to the famed Brooklyn Art Haus, hosted a preview party featuring a fusion of Mediterranean flavors, craft cocktails and the infectious energy of Cirkus Moxie. The special guests who flooded into the spacious venue were welcomed by Co-Executive Director & Beverage Director Isaac Bush, Co-Executive Director Alex Orthwein, and General Manager and Artist In-Residence Allison Mickelson into an atmosphere alive with anticipation and curiosity. Attendees were drawn to the bar to enjoy two special signature drinks of the night: the Shibuya Roll Call, boasting gin, melon, yuzu, lemon, basil and refreshing fruity notes and the Pornstar, featuring Pride Vodka, Cava, passion fruit, vanilla and tangerine. Meanwhile, delectable passed bites from Naama and Assaf Tamir, the chef, brother-sister team from Lighthouse, circulated the room, tantalizing guests’ taste buds with marinated steak, labneh on baguettes, and mushroom tarts.  

As guests savored their drinks and hors d’oeuvres some huddled together to mingle, while others drifted back to take in an intimate acoustic performance by Andrea Leigh and David Kolker that was only amplified against a backdrop of rain visible through the large windows and wall-to-wall art. Soulful melodies filled the air, creating a moment of serenity amidst the excitement. But the night was far from over as the experience seamlessly transitioned to the neighboring Brooklyn Art Haus for a spectacle like no other. Producer Madeline Hoak took to the stage to present Cirkus Moxie where guests were treated to an evening of mesmerizing performances.


The Pornstar Cocktail Photo Courtesy of Jahleah Santiago

Aerialist extraordinaire Lisa Natoli defied the laws of physics with graceful twirls and flips high above the crowd, every movement a testament to human agility and courage. Suspended in mid-air with elegance and grace, Lisa left onlookers breathless, their eyes glued to her every twist and turn. An unbelievable hoops performance from Dustin Hubel entranced onlookers. The thrills continued with The Brides, a pair that used humor and mind-bending acrobatics to captivate the audience, incorporating mime-like movements to silently entertain. Ellie Steingraber, the queen of the hoops, dazzled all with an 80’s infused closing act of skill and precision. With more than a dozen hoops swirling in every direction, the mesmerizing dance took the audience on a journey of laughter and awe. Throughout the evening, the servers ensured the energy remained high, delighting guests with drinks, jokes, and interactive moments. As the night came to a close, attendees departed with memories of an unforgettable evening while eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Brooklyn Art Haus' cultural extravaganza.

The public is invited to celebrate The Mouth's grand opening this Saturday, April 6th from 10am to 11:30pm with complimentary passed hors d'oeuvres, an all-day happy hour, live music, and more. Immerse yourself in a new creative atmosphere with Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, crafted cocktails, and a rotating art gallery. RSVP to secure your spot by visiting,  

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