What happened to the bagel?

In a city where tradition and innovation are both equally embraced and cherished, the bagel has always been a staple of New York City food. But, are we witnessing the evolution of a classic?

We've shown you the absolute dominance rainbow bagels had over the city, but now a new contender is once again changing what it truly means to be a bagel.

These Oreo bagels from The Bagel Nook located in Freehold, New Jersey are putting a delicious twist on what a bagel could be.

Packing a huge punch of flavor, and there's the whole surprise of their novelty to consider, these bagels have people going into a frenzy all over social media.

The mad geniuses at The Bagel Nook have masterly crafted the next step in bagel evolution. They take a vanilla-chocolate swirled bagel that looks like a perfect harmony between the two and then slather it with outrageous cookies 'n cream-flavored cream cheese. 

To put it simply: Yes, everything is in perfect harmony.

They don't stop there either. This is the age of innovation, surprise, and food porn. There has to be a something that will make your eyes pop out of your head again after you've taken a bite.

How about a layer of actual Oreo cookies right down the middle? Are your eyes back in your head again? Good.

Hidden in all this creamy goodness is a delectably devious layer of Oreo cookies, a surprise that is sure to have you ascending the stairway into food heaven and pray for more.

But is this the evolution of bagels? Have they become a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach? Have we become bored of the classic baconeggandcheese?

It doesn't look like the bagel needs saving but maybe it needs to go back to its roots; the simple, yet delicious meal that no one can deny how much it's helped them through a breakup, hangover and, most importantly, hunger.

Of course we are excited to see and try the next step in bagel evolution but whatever it may be we hope that it is a lot better than the dreaded Everything Donut.








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[Feature Image Courtesy Elite Daily] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]