Chances are if you live in New York City, you have roommates. NYC roommates are a special kind of breed and come in all shapes, sizes, and ability to do dishes.

You wouldn't think you'd encounter too many grown adults who have never ironed a shirt (and apparently, don't know how to google doing so), but then, you moved to New York.

Love them or hate them, but roomies are pretty much non-negotiable, regardless of where you live in NYC... but especially in Manhattan.

Every neighborhood in Manhattan has its own rap, and that usually has to do with the types of people that live there― or at least, the types of people we think live there.

As reported by Curbed NY, the roommate-finding website Apartment List created an infographic detailing 20 different Manhattan neighborhoods, and along with the average rent, provided details of what your "typical" roommate might look like.

A few of these are definitely pretty accurate (Sh*t Your Nolita Roomie Might Say: "Oh who's a cute puppy?! You know, you should really be bottle-feeding him for the first fourteen months.") and we have a feeling you'll spot a few familiar faces...

... Even if one of them is your own. Check out the infographic below:


[via Curbed NY] [Feature Image Courtesy NYTimes]