Independent films explore many of the most obscure, diverse, and impactful stories that much of the mainstream film industry ignores.

It’s that bold instinct that makes indie films so important and, thankfully, prevalent in today’s culture.

nycindieff We can finally unveil the official poster for the 9th annual #nycindieff! We'll be announcing the 2018 Official Selections next week - stay tuned! #indiefilm 🎥

And, taking this cue, we have this year's 9th annual NYC Independent Film Festival, running from May 7-13th at The Producer’s Club in the heart of New York City!

The festival will screen 250 of the best films from over 30 countries around the globes. Including everything from features, documentaries, shorts, and super shorts to art videos, music videos, and animated films.

nycindieff Congratulations to all the nominees for the 90th Annual #AcademyAwards 🎉 an amazing representation of #indiefilm this year, we can't wait to see the winners! 🏆 pictured: 2016 #NYCIndieFF Awards Ceremony

For the second year in a row, there will be a Virtual Reality showcase free to the public,  Saturday, May 12th, starting at 1 PM at Clinton Cameo Studio in midtown Manhattan.

Some of the previous year's finalists have gone on to get distribution as well as receive Academy Award nominations, so it’s a pretty big deal.

The festival also provides a platform for new and burgeoning, filmmakers with the desire to expand their artistry through a curated series of panels and presentations available. Not only is the festival entertaining,  it’s also got an educational element!

facebeaterfilm Facebeater has now gotten into 3 festivals with our selection in the LA Shorts Awards for March 2018! We'll let you know when more details come out about it! Thank you all again for the continuous support for this film!

Some of the most interesting documentaries made by NYC artists showing this year include “Back To Natural: A Documentary Film” that tackles hair, politics, and racial identity in black and other communities.  “Facebeater,” a short about the reality of being a drag queen, and “Cyclone: 90 Years of History on Wheels” which celebrates the 90th year of the famed Coney Island roller-coaster.

wnyc Happy 90th birthday to the Cyclone! What's your favorite memory of the coaster?

Other enticing offerings from NYC filmmakers include the feature “All She Wrote” about a fighter who turns to music after acquiring permanent mental disabilities. “Alt Space,” a psychological thriller about losing one’s sense of reality; and “The World is so Difficult to Give Up.’ A short iPhone video that serves as an homage to the city we all know and love.

For more information on the festival, and grabbing a pair of tickets, head over to their website.

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