What do you get when you combine the talents of a sick photographer climbing insane heights and an absolutely brilliant producer? 

You get a wildly imaginative time-lapse creation featuring sights from six different locations including Hong Kong, Oregon, and California.

Photographer @ChasingRooftops, aka Patrick Castillo, and A$AP Mob-affiliated producer Rodney Hazard created their audiovisual collaboration, entitled "TwoForTheRoad."

Patrick Castillo, the fearless photographer, will go to any height to get the shot... but for what purpose? 

"It's to see and share the views that no one will ever, ever see," he told us

"When you're at a certain location, at a certain spot, you know nobody else will ever see that view. I treasure that a lot." 

The shots are set to immersive beats and vibes scored in full by Rodney Hazard, who will be glitching between new @ChasingRooftops content and time lapses from his experiential DJ  booth.


"TwoForTheRoad" will be presented by Digital DUMBO on April 22nd at 6:30 p.m at Madison Square Portfolio in Chelsea.

You may remember this going down back in February. Well, this is going to introduce something entirely new into the mix with a brand new, breathtakingly beautiful time lapse dedicated solely to Patrick Castillo's time in NYC.


Grab your ticket for your opportunity to take selfies to put yourself in your very own @ChasingRooftops photograph, head to different viewing or listening stations with handmade headphones, and sip on drinks from Sixpoint Brewery. 

Don't miss out on this seriously amazing eventCheck out the trailer for "TwoForTheRoad" for just a small taste of what's to come.

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]