Ever been to a cycling class?

We have, and we don't think we've ever hated our life choices more than we did in that moment. 

Well, for those of you who don't actually feel like spin instructors are sadistic demons, you might be interested in the first ever cycling studio in an IMAX theater in DUMBO. 

According to DNAinfo, cycling enthusiasts can hit the IMAXShift theater on or after April 28th, cycling through the stars with "an immersive, thrilling and effective workout... powered by IMAX's cinema-grade projection and sound technology."

For a mere $31 for a single ride (ha), or a monthly membership of $325, you can ride through views of space, tropical islands, or simply, kaleidoscopic visuals. 

If the pilot program in DUMBO is successful, IMAX will begin to develop other cycling gyms throughout the world. 

Check out the video of IMAXShift below.


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[via DNAinfo]