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Smarter Than the Average: Check Out These Amazing Lightbulbs You Can Control Right From Your Smartphone

How ridiculous are regular old lightbulbs? 

You climb up on a chair or ladder, nearly electrocute yourself screwing them in and then after all that work, all you can do is flip a switch on and off. Light or no light. 

And then, naturally, in less than a year the light burns out and you’re up on that darn chair again. Say it with us now: Never. Again. 

The ilumi LED Smartbulb is now 25% off, lasts up to twenty years and provides you with dozens of color and dimming options. Now that’s worth climbing for.

Using Bluetooth, the ilumi LED Smartbulb syncs with your phone to change any time, any way you want. 

Like waking up with the sunrise? There’s an alarm setting for that. Want the light to change depending on the music you have on? It can do that too, pulsing like a disco ball alongside your jams, fast or slow. 

The light will even follow you from room to room and stay on so it looks like the house is full when no one’s actually home. It can change from bright to dim and between dozens of bright colors for any mood.


It’s as environmentally friendly as it is cool. You’ll save on your energy bill because this bulb is five times more efficient and since it lasts for so long you won’t be breaking and throwing away light after light, year after year. 

With the power of technology, there’s nothing this little LED can’t do and you can screw one in now for 25% off and start glowing. Check out the video below to see this light in action.

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