New York’s identification card program, IDNYC, has provided a free alternative to getting a driver’s license as an ID for the last three years. A great feat for New Yorkers, especially when one doesn't use or need a car.

*cough* Almost all of us. *cough*

Along with the card came perks for New Yorkers, such as using it as a library card, applying for jobs, and receiving discounts on prescription drugs, movie tickets, sporting events, health and fitness clubs, New York City attractions, grocery store, and much more.

Recently there’s a new perk to the card: Free one-year memberships to 40 of the city’s finest institutions, including MoMA, Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

As if there wasn't enough reasons to get a free ID card!

For 2017, IDNYC is adding ten more, including Museum of Arts and Design, the Museum at Eldridge Street and the Film Forum. Not only that, the cards provide discounts for first-time Citi-Bike users as well.

The card is particularly popular for the elderly, the homeless, and undocumented immigrants. However, the last group has brought the program political controversy.

With an incoming Trump administration vowing a crack-down on undocumented immigrants, Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that IDNYC would no longer store the personal information of its applicants and that furthermore, the data that exists now would be destroyed.


Sure enough, the Republican Assembly members filed a lawsuit to fight for retaining the info. Thanks to the suit, de Blasio can't move forward on his promise.

Thanks again Assembly!

In the meantime, cardholders can apply for memberships at any of the participating institutions as long as they haven’t had a membership for that institution in the past four years.

So check out your local museum and galleries while you can!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy]