The current political climate has got everyone in the country heated. Almost every news story you hear nowadays is just one serious social or government clusterf*ck after another.

Tons of people have been finding it difficult to voice their opinions and have a calm discussion without backlash and serious shade.

A lot of us really need to chill, so LES' Ice & Vice has given us the perfect spot to scream out our frustrations over a cool, delicious cone of sociopolitical justice.

The creative and politically active ice cream shop and graphic designer Chelsea Lipman have teamed up to open the "I Scream" pop-up ice cream shop in Time Square.

According to Gothamist, the ice cream kiosk set up shop over a week ago in a pedestrian plaza off Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets.

5% of all sales goes to groups, including ACLU, Planned Parenthood and local organizations, feeling threatened under the current administration.

The shop not only features social justice-inspired ice cream flavors, but also a daily changing call to action board on the back of the kiosk. 

Chelsea Lipman conceptualized the booth after attending NYC's Women's March. Before she could give up on the idea, Lipman pitched the idea to the Times Square Alliance. Then, the Times Square Alliance brokered a deal Urbanspace to invite Ice & Vice to join.


"We completely jumped in," Ken Lo, Ice & Vice co-founder, told Gothamist. "Now that we've built Ice & Vice we have a larger platform to do more meaningful things. We were also in the exact same boat as Chelsea, we wanted to do something more. We have a diverse employee base and we're minority owners...what can we do? The only thing we know how to do is make ice cream."

Now, you can head to Times Square to taste yummy new flavors like the "No Borders" sundae for $9. It's a blend of Mexican and U.S. ingredients, including chunks of Mexican chocolate brownies with dulce de leche and cinnamon puffed amaranth.

The "No Censorship" sundae represents freedom of speech and expression without fear of retaliation.

Lo explained, "It plays on the fact that no matter what your opinions are and what you say, the beauty of America is that we have freedom of speech. The concept behind the sundae is completely dark with just a little pop of color. That's to represent that how much you try to strip away from us, there's always going to be that light and that color that breaks through."

Overall, the pop-up ice cream shop has received positive feedback, but the Lower East Side flagship location has received incessant calls from people, who assume the business is anti-Trump.


Lo stated, "They started berating us for doing something against the President, which is completely not our intention. These are our beliefs, and we're not saying that this is anti-Trump. Both Paul and myself are the children of immigrants, so for us this means something."

However, many of co-founders/owners Ken Lo and Paul Kim's customers don't seem to mind, especially since they can take action by simply enjoying a sweet treat.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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