Ice Cream Tacos Will Officially Become a Thing This Weekend in NYC | spoiled NYC

Remember Choco Tacos? Of course you do! They are part of a legendary class of 90s snacks that bring you back to summer days filled with care free bliss, double dares and rushing home when the street lights came on.

Now you are constantly stressed, only get dared to drink more and get home when the streets lights are turning off. 

But, if there is one thing that has been constant it is your love for ice cream. So, what better way to please your grown up palate and bring you back to your childhood?

Dominique Ansel and Alex Stupak have teamed up to create a sweet-corn ice cream taco only available this weekend at Dominique Ansel Kitchen.

If you've never been to Dominique Ansel Kitchen this is the perfect chance to try out the well deserved hype.

This is ice cream taco is on another level with flavor and creativity. Let's break this down for you.

The shell is a warm waffle made out of brown butter and cocoa power which then encases sweet and savory fresh-off-the-cob corn ice cream. The caramel uses corn as well but this corn is roasted and once it caramelizes it is then swirled into the ice cream.

The rim of the taco is made Maldon sea salt, sugar and mixture of lime zest. Lime is also used to garnish the taco to give it a hint of tartness. Finally the sauce is a mouthful and it's gonna leave your mouth full of flavor too. 

Sweet tomatillos, avocado and even more lime juice all go together with Oaxaqueña chilies that are smoked and dried out. Along with some agave syrup and some salt this dipping sauce is gonna take that ice cream taco to another level.


So, don't miss a chance to try these amazing tacos this weekend. It starts noon this Friday so take a break from adulting and feel like a grown kid!

[via TimeOut]  [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]