Ice Cream Inspired By Location in Astoria, Can We Say Greek? 🍨🍦😋

Why does everyone invite ice cream to the party? Well, because it’s cool of course! . Now that the weather is catching up with the season, and we are reaching 90 degrees and above this summer, we all would like to refresh with a scoop of ice cream. 

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If you’re hanging near, or in, Astoria, a great place to stop by is Ample Hills on the corner of 34th Street and 30th Ave. Even if you aren’t in the neighborhood, it’s worth the trip! The combination of flavors are endless, but they do stop eventually 😭💔. Plus, the decor is to die for! Kids will definitely have a blast with the small, faux ice cream cart, and in the background of course, a beautiful green hill with farm animals enjoying none other than an ice cream cone. So parents, don’t worry! You get to sit back and enjoy your treat while the children are at play.

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Now for a little background about this wonderful place - The idea of Ample Hills Creamery was created by Jackie and her husband Brian, who she would speak to about different flavors they could have and discussing what would go well with what. After having completed 24 flavors, they opened their first shop located in Brooklyn (2011). 

Their goal is to, “become a national ice cream brand by first beginning with opening shops in home communities, all over the country and all over the world.” For the past seven years, they continue to be an organic brand that makes everything from scratch, along with their peppermint patties, brittles, mixes, and brownies waiting for you near the register.

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Although the flavors are unique, the flavors they offer are unique all on their own. wWhat makes them different than other ice cream shops? Well, with each shop they open, it comes with a flavor choice relating to the neighborhood. The inspiration for flavor comes from merely walking down the aisle in a market, reaching out and to the community, and finding out what others want. 

With that, for the shop in Astoria, the distinctive flavor is, “Nectar of the Queens,” which features a smooth honey cinnamon ice cream base, mixed with generous pieces of Baklava and Galaktoboureko (a creamy custard pie with a crispy filo crust), from local favorite, Artopolis Bakery. 

audreyallure ✦174/365✦ @amplehills arrived in Astoria with our own exclusive flavor [nectar of the queens]: honey cinnamon ice cream w/ baklava + galaktoboureko 🍨🍯 #amplehillsastoria

At first glance, you already think it looks incredible. You can see the cinnamon infused-ice cream, and the chunks of baklava and Galaktoboureko peeking out., fitting perfectly. And if you’re outside, it glistens beautifully in the sun. We promise, we’re not exaggerating on this one.

The ice cream isn’t the only good thing here though. You’ll love their cones! You won’t do Ample Hills right if you don’t try the pretzel cone, especially if you’re a sweet and salty lover. As told by an employee, it’s  best to combine their munchies flavor with their pretzel cone. 

amplehills Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! Here’s a food holiday we’re happy to support. Celebrating with our decadent and delicious Dark Chocolate ice cream in a pretzel cone. #nationalchocolateicecreamday #yum #chocolate🍫

If you’re wondering what’s in the munchies, you can think of a salty snack that  you can get from a corner store, like Ritz crackers and chips. It sounds I thought it would be strange, but once you take your first spoonful, it’ll be like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. It’s definitely something we will be going back for. 

Now, how about the employees? Fantastic service from the moment you walk in the door! You get a “hello”, “how are you” if they aren’t busy, but if they are, we can assure you’ll be greeted with a warm, welcoming smile. One of their recently hired employees, Jasmine Rivera, just from a glance, looked more than happy to be working there. You can see the excitement for everything she was representing. She informed us on which ice cream flavor went well with another (Mexican Hot Chocolate and Nonna D’s Oatmeal Lace). She was not wrong! You can tell Jasmine loves her job:

amplehills Join our dynamic team of Amployees!! Open call tomorrow afternoon 6/25 from 2-4pm at our Gowanus location. We’re looking for a few enthusiastic folks to join our soon to open Red Hook location. Food handlers license a plus. Send resumes to and/or show it tomorrow at our Gowanus scoop shop-305 Nevins St. #Scoopinisalifestyle #amployeesrock

"Since my first day of orientation, I felt connected to everyone. It already felt like we were a small family, still getting to know each other of course, but nonetheless, family. The communication between one another is open and always positive.”

It seems as though Ample Hills Creamery is a fun and happy experience, where anyone would love to spend time in, which is precisely what Jackie said she would want to see from all of her employees, as well as have all guests feel the love, joy, and energy given to them.

Soon, Jackie and Brian will plan on going on a road trip with their children to Los Angeles to open their first west coast shop!. They will be making stops along the way creating ice cream on a churning bicycle (a device they use for planned social events and birthdays) 🚐🛣🍦🍨🚲🏙. Jackie claims, “some people think we’re crazy." 

We must disagree! We think that it's impressive and fun; a little hard work pays off when you get the creamy deliciousness of Ample Hills Ice cream. Los Angeles doesn’t know what is coming their way, but we can assure that they won’t be disappointed. We wish you lots of fun and luck on your adventure Jackie and Brian! 

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