Get ready for some massive lines... in Nashville, Tennessee.

Remember the cronut craze of yonder years' past? When people would line up for blocks to get this one-of-a kind treat?

Well, it looks like the world has found its latest craze.

Now, this isn't what you might already be used to: two donuts with some ice cream wedged in the middle to make a donut ice cream sandwich.

No, this is an actual donut with a delicious ice cream filling.

The catch, because there's always at least one, is that this delicious creation is only available in Tennessee, as reported by Thrillist.

Five Daughter's Bakery will be serving their ice cream donuts at their Nashville location every afternoon.


Each donut is served slightly warm and made to order. We've never been this jealous of Tennessee before. These babies will definitely be selling out quickly, so if you notice any majorly long lines during your next trip to Nashville, it's probably for ice cream donuts.

For now, all New Yorkers can hope for is that Five Daughter's will decide to open up a NYC location, or until then we can start planning our cross-country road trip.


For now we'll just have to be content with our rainbow bagels, everything donuts, and macaroon-donut hybrids (macronuts).

Sure, we have our fair share of outrageous desserts here, but you can't blame us for lusting after this new delicious dessert.

[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]