People have been creating a lot of... interesting desserts lately. No, we're not mad. It's kind of genius sometimes. We’ve seen the CinnaBun milkshake, ice cream donuts, and even ice cream tacos.

Of course, for every seemingly brilliant culinary innovation, we also get cruel Oreo devices, delicious Krispy Kremes we can't even get, or desserts that simply pander to the New Yorker sensibility without successfully delivering something we'd actually eat. 

Well, we're pretty okay with what's going down at Union Fare, Union Square's brilliant food market that kind of snuck into the mix without much fanfare.

The bakers at Union Fare have climbed onto the ice cream bandwagon and are mixing ice cream with croissants.

They have been creating new croissant masterpieces including birthday cake, matcha, cookies and cream, red velvet, and crème brûlée.

Some of their homemade flavors include caramel macchiato, vanilla, banana, coconut sorbet, strawberry sorbet, and blackberry-hibiscus sorbet, and they give you the option to mix and match whichever flavors you want.

The bakers are in the midst of testing out some new flavors, including mouth-watering options like cinnamon-sugar and s’mores, so prepare yourselves for the excitement.


They also offer a croissant lobster roll, which sounds like a damn good option for your pre-dessert meal. 

In fact, just about everything Union Fare's churning out looks insane. Peep some of their gram-fodder below, and then get your asses over to 6 East 18th Street now!


[via Grub Street] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]